Before performing any physical activities, bowling included, it is essential to warm up your muscles. Because of the repetitive nature of the sport and varying weight of the balls, it is possible for the muscles and joints to become strained. 

Some of these exercises benefit league bowlers as they play and practice so much they are more prone to injury, but the recreational bowlers should still consider doing some warm-ups that get the blood flowing and into the muscles to help with stamina while bowling. The arms, wrists and knees are where we put the most strain when bowling. Then there are the muscles that repeatedly work while bowling such as the shoulders, back, hips and legs.   The exercises and stretches start you off with slow controlled movements.

Here are a couple of samples of stretching you can try before bowling.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch Holding your arm horizontally across the front of your body, use your other hand to grab your elbow and gently pull towards the chest. Repeat for both sides. Remember long gentle stretches; if you feel the pain, you are stretching too hard.

Quads Stretch  Bend your one leg back while holding on to your ankle with your free hand. To increase the stretch, pull the foot higher behind the body. Remember don't overextend

Wrist Stretches

Flexing: Hold out your arm straight out, palms facing down. Downwards, Drop the fingers and palm at the wrist. Hold your fingers at the top with the other hand and pull them gently towards the body. Change hands and repeat.

Extending: Hold out your arm straight out, palms facing down. Upwards, Bend the fingers and palm at the wrist. Hold your fingers palm side and with the other hand and pull them back and gently towards the body. 

Side Stretch: Slightly spread your feet with one arm pointing overhead, the other hand on the opposite waist. Keeping your hips stable, bend your torso so that the stretch is felt along your side. Repeat for both sides.