Childs Bowling Safey

Bowling Safety

Bowling is a relatively safe sport, but bowling safety still must be considered at all times. We want your stay with us to be fun, so we think that these tips will get you safely into the game!

  • Always wear bowling shoes. Street shoes will ruin the approaches and equipment.
  • If you spill or step on a wet surface, ask for assistance and a dry pair of rental bowling shoes.
  • Always wear socks for sanitary reasons in rental shoes. Socks are available for purchase.
  • Never wear bowling shoes outside or into the washrooms. They can get wet, causing you to stop abruptly on the approach, causing falls & injury.
  • Never walk onto the lanes to retrieve a dead ball. Ask our staff for help in recovering the ball.
  • Pick up the ball with both hands without putting your fingers into the holes to avoid strain.
  • Keep any food or drinks away from the lanes. Spilling anything can damage the equipment and also be dangerous for others.
  • Don’t step over the foul line. It's slippery, and you will get oil on your shoes which gets oil on the approach which is dangerous.
  • Avoid lofting the ball down the lane, it damages the lanes and is very loud, startling other bowlers.
  • Never throw more than one ball down the lane at a time.
  • While it looks cool, Trick bowling is not permitted.
  • Never throw a five pin ball down a ten pin lane or a ten pin ball down a five pin lane. You could damage or break the lanes.

Child Safety

Kids are curious creatures Please know where the kids are at all times and what they are doing.

  • Bathroom Breaks: Please accompany children in your party to the washroom, switch to street shoes.
  • Shoe Size: If a child doesn’t fit into our smallest shoe size, it is unsafe to bowl. We have several kids rides to help them feel better!
  • Keep children from climbing or sitting on the ball return.
  • Keep children's hands away from the ball return until all the balls stop moving.
  • Please don’t let your children put their hands or faces near the ball return hole. There is rotating machinery in there that can seriously harm a child’s little features.