Congratulations to all of the School District 43 (#SD43) students for being taking part in the Coquitlam Public Library Science Expo. Zone Bowling was happy to contribute the "Science Expo Achievement Award" in person this year! Calvin and Dave were on hand meeting the kids and learning more about the exciting programs offered through the Coquitlam Library.


This years expo invited science-loving elementary and high school students to come up with experiments and innovations for this year's exhibition. It's really inspiring to see how thoughtful today's youth are about their future. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the students about their project. 

All projects will fall into one of two categories:

Experiment: Involves testing a hypothesis under controlled conditions, then displaying the results in an informative manner.

Innovation: Involves creating new knowledge, solutions, ideas or technologies, and sharing information about their importance.

This year the expo was broadened accepting participants in the Tri-Cities area. Congratulations to the winners and participants for their contributions.  We look forward to next year, and all the bright innovations dreamed up by our youth.