At Zone Bowling Coquitlam we are committed to creating environments and opportunities for all community members to participate in and enjoy the sport of Bowling. This includes youth and adults living with developmental disabilities. Our bowling centre was designed and built with accessibility in mind.

Zone Bowling is an interactive and safe environment with plenty of room for wheelchairs and health care workers to move around, eating space for those with special dietary requirements or just to socialize.

A few of the benefits bowling in our centre.

  • Lots of opportunities for Social Interaction
  • A safe, friendly environment for caregivers to bring their participants.
  • Large Push Button automatic doors at both entrances.
  • Sidewalk Ramps
  • Drop off area at the front of our building and plenty of parking.
  • Large washrooms with room for wheelchairs in designated stalls and handwashing.
  • Ample eating areas.

Zone Bowling CoquitlamZone Bowling CoquitlamZone Bowling Coquitlam

Regardless of ability and experience, if you choose bowling for fun, health or if you choose to participate in non-bowling roles like coaching and volunteering, bowling provides many excellent opportunities.

People with a developmental disability can still participate fully in their communities. As essential members of our community, they thrive as athletes, artists, workers, advocates, neighbours and friends.

SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION, FACULTY OF MEDICINE University of TO, Canada. “An increase of physical activity is commonly recommended to those with physical disability, but it is necessary to distinguish competitive sport from fitness programs, remedial gymnastics and active recreation. Potential benefits of enhanced activity are reviewed. Likely psychological gains include an improvement of mood-state, with a reduction of anxiety and depression, an increase of self-esteem and feelings of greater self-efficacy. Sociological gains include new experiences, new friendships, and a countering of stigmatization. It is concluded that the physically disabled should be encouraged to engage in physical activity.”


For Caregivers & Participants

$2.75 per game
Shoes included

Group Reservations 10am to 5pm


Participants in wheelchairs

$2.75 per game/per participant
Shoes included

Reservations Required for Groups
10am to 5pm Monday to Thursday

  • 3 bowlers max on each lane
  • 1 caregiver & assistant/helper to each set of lanes


  • 1 Game of Bowling
  • Estimated time 1.5 to 2 hours
  • All the time needed after bowling to socialize and eat in designated area
  • 1 Bowling Ramp per Lane
  • Bumpers Raised


  • 5 bowlers max on each lane
  • 1 caregiver to each set of lanes


  • 1 Game of Bowling
  • Estimated time 1 hour
  • All the time needed after bowling to socialize and eat in designated area
  • Bumpers Raised
  • Ramps available upon request